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Future episodes will be available exclusively on our own independent platform. We have four monthly subscription levels: Basic ($1.99), Premium ($9.99), Deluxe ($74.99) and Producer ($249.99).

Each subscriber will receive a private viewing portal for future episodes. Premium and Deluxe subscribers will receive additional content and rewards. The subscription revenue will cover production costs. Producer subscribers will receive Co-Producer credit. Sign up!


You can also order an annual subscription for a full season of episodes: Basic ($19.99), Premium ($99.99), Deluxe ($750.00) and Producer ($2,500).


"Hilarious New Series Basically Sums Up the Immigrant Experience" - Essence

"This New Show About First Generation Nigerians Is So On Point" - Buzzfeed

"A Hilarious New Sitcom About The Immigrant Experience In America" - OkayAfrica


How many episodes will I get?

Our aim is to produce ten to twelve episodes this season, so about one episode per month.

Do I get a new episode when I sign up?

No, the pilot episode will be available on YouTube for promotional purposes. Going forward, we plan for new episodes to be available exclusively on the platform

When will the episodes be available?

The pilot is available now here. We plan to spend this summer building up our subscriber base (we need ~3,000) to afford to shoot episodes. Once we reach that number, we'll begin shooting. We anticipate releasing episodes in the fall.

What's the difference between Basic, Premium, Deluxe and Producer?

Basic includes access to new episodes. Premium includes access to new episodes as well as bonus content like outtakes and behind the scenes footage. Deluxe includes all that plus personalized items like signed scripts, merch and a crew credit. Producer includes everything in the other categories plus an official IMDB Co-Producer credit.

Where does the money go?

Check out the graph below.